Health is the Greatest Wealth

Virgil the greatest wealth is health
Virgil the greatest wealth is health

G: The ancient Roman poet Virgil once said “the greatest wealth is health”. This is one of the three key reasons for eating vegetarian food. We all know that eating unhealthy food is not good for us, in the same way as swallowing poison is not a great idea. In today’s world, health checkups and medical procedures can often be incredibly costly. Thus, avoiding the need for some of these procedures is important. If you think of the human body as a machine, like a car, you can see that putting dirty fuel into a car will force us to have to change the fuel filter and perform more maintenance. To avoid having to have unnecessary maintenance on our human bodies, being mindful of what we eat or drink is important.

If we dig deeper, this mindfulness should include asking a simple question, “Is this thing that I am about to eat, drink, smoke, or even inject, going to be harmful to me, as a poison is?” If the answer is yes, and we have another option that would be more wholesome, hopefully we can go for that alternative.

This is easy to understand for things that we all know now are harmful, like cigarettes, excess refined sugars etc, but the same applies to eating too much meat.

If I can speak about myself personally, I used to eat way too much meat. My body looked alright on the outside, but my cholesterol levels, and thus chances of heart attacks and having diseases associated with excess meat consumption, were much too high. This was my proportion size.

Previous unhealthy portion size
Previous unhealthy portion size

After reducing my meat intake to only twice a week (week day vegetarian), and then to not eating meat at all, I measured my cholesterol again. It was and has been ever since, very very healthy. I was shocked the first year, that it could improve so much by simply reducing/cutting out meat consumption. My next challenge is including more fibre in my diet as this is one thing that can easily be overlooked but is very important.

So what is the take home? Well, in the same way that we are conscious of cigarettes and sugar (and poison, for that matter), being unhealthy for us, we should also be conscious about how excessive consumption of meat can affect our bodies. It can thus affect our wallets (through medical bills) and our quality of life (through disease and effects on our mood).



5 Commonly Asked Questions About Eating Vegetarian Food

Do you get enough protein? Yes, from legumes, nuts, etc. A lot of people, especially in the 1st World countries, get more protein then we need. The question should be, “do we get enough fibre/ roughage?”. The answer is usually that we don’t, so we need to include more fibre/ roughage in our diets.


nuts bowl1

Doesn’t your food taste bland? Food cooked without herbs and spices can be bland, no matter whether or not it is vegetarian food. Herbs and spices are our friends and we need to know how to use them.

garam masala spice1

Isn’t it a lot cheaper to eat vegetarian food? Quite often, this is true, because meat is expensive for many reasons. There are, however, many vegetarian meals that include expensive ingredients, think artichokes or gourmet mushrooms.

veg curry pot1

What do you eat then? There are vegetarian options for many dishes. For example, if you like sushi, there is vegetarian sushi, if you like Indian food, there are many vegetarian dishes, if you like Italian food, there are vegetarian pasta and pizza dishes.

Finally, there is, “why do you eat vegetarian food?” The answer I like to give is simple; it’s better for your body, it’s more efficient for feeding people and it is better for the animals and environment.

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