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Hi there. My name is Graham and I’m a vegetarian. Haha, sounds like an AA meeting, doesn’t it? It’s true though, I’ve been a vegetarian for over 5 years now. I started off as being a “weekday vegetarian”, only eating meat at those weekend barbeques/ braais. Meat tastes so good, so I know it can be tough to make the transition. It is very worthwhile though, here are 3 reasons why.

To help people along, I write about vegetarian topics I find groovy. Friends and experts will make guest appearances from time to time. If you dig what we’re doing, feel free to contact us on, or find us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, (or Instagram @thevegetarianman). Otherwise, you can always buy me a few beers to say thanks (or for any reason whatsoever, haha,

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