Nuts, Seeds and Legumes

Ever since I spoke to a┬ánutritionist about breakfast, I have appreciated the power of nuts. She told me that although my breakfast of oats porridge and bananas was pretty good, I needed something to tie me over, such as a handful of nuts. I now regularly have oats, fruit AND some nut varieties for breakfast. I don’t crash so easily and have more sustained energy.

Here are some of my favourite nuts and seeds:

I do enjoy a handful or two of plain, unsalted peanuts, or unsalted, (non sugared peanut butter):


While we’re at it, I also enjoy a handful of sunflower seeds. I think it’s great if you have nuts, seeds, carrots and other healthy foods within easy reach. That way, you reach for a carrot or green pepper etc, instead of for a packet of junk food.


Here are some of my favourite legumes:

Besides chick peas (think hummus), I also like lentils. The three kinds that I come across most are red, brown and black lentils. I personally don’t like the taste of red lentils, as I find them a bit of a sickly sweet flavour. I do enjoy the wholesome taste of brown and black lentils though. If you look at the nutritional information on the back of a bag of lentils, you’ll see that “whole lentils” often contain more fibre and protein than the not whole (?) lentils. I’ve come to understand that fibre is very important and a lot of us do not get enough fibre. While I like many types of beans, my go-to is whole brown lentils, and chick peas too.

Whole brown lentils
Whole brown lentils