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Making a Choice

♫ Today’s post brought to you while listening to Good Morning Freedom by Blue Mink ♫

If you’ve seen the worrying weather changes and increases in pollution, you may wonder how we got here and what each of us can do about it. You’ll realise that this world is fragile and that we cannot dump and mess it up endlessly and expect nothing to happen. Growing up, our headmaster and teachers used to say “You wouldn’t treat your home so badly, so show a similar amount of respect for your school”. Maybe we need to extrapolate this out to our environment.

I’ll put forward that we can make a huge difference collectively if each of us choose our main source of protein more carefully.

So how can one person make a change? While acts like not littering are great and should be done, I’ll put forward that we can make a huge difference collectively if each of us chose our main source of protein more carefully.

You don’t have to watch the National Geographic/ Leonardo DiCaprio film “Before the Flood”, to know that we are messing up our planet. The film was insightful though, so I would recommend seeing it, as well as “Food, Inc.” and “Forks Over Knives”.

If we talk about forests, for example, the meat industry is responsible for cutting down huge tracts of forests in the Amazon and other places, for soya and maize/corn production for fattening up of animals before slaughter. If we talk about pollution, the feedlots where cows are fattened are often disgusting, with cows wading around in piles of their own faeces. This faeces, along with the drugs that are injected into cows, can be washed into rivers, resulting in pollution. If this water is then used, for example, to water spinach plants, the unknowing vegetarian could be swallowing more harmful drugs and chemicals than he expected.

The responsibility for tidying up this planet for ourselves and future generations, rests with us. We vote with our feet, so lets aim to steer clear of meat products and all the mess that comes with creating them.

Spread the word so people are mindful of what they are eating and the bigger implications of it.