Mushroom, Mushroom, Mushrooms

There are many types of mushrooms, they can add flavour and texture to a dish. 


Adding mushrooms to your meal can make it very delicious.


  • generally grow on the ground or on rotten trees
  • show up at certain times, for example a week after rains
  • can be distinguished by their shape, colour and the type of underside

The underside of mushrooms can have a frill shape or a sponge shape. So next time you want to identify a mushroom, check the under side of it too. Remember to check with mushroom experts and to learn which mushrooms you can pick in your area. Poison is no joke, but delicious, safe mushrooms add flavour and texture to a vegetarian dish. Some mushrooms give a hearty, almost “meaty” taste and texture, so try one of these in your hamburger instead of a patty next time.

Disclaimer: Obviously there are poisonous mushrooms so you cannot simply eat the mushrooms you find in the forest (or your garden), without checking them properly and consulting experts.